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Board of Directors

Our board of directors are all volunteer, just like the entire unit. They dedicate their own time to manage the unit.

Board Chairman
Youth Member-at-Large
Youth Member-at-Large

Organizational Leadership

The leadership within PCESAR is all volunteer and strive to make the unit better. These members oversee operations, training, fundraising, communications, are in charge of new trainee training courses, and much more!

Operations Director
Training Director
Leadership Director
Fundraising Director
Communications Director
Membership and Records
Course 1 Director
WFA Director
Course 2 Directors
Course 3 Director
Course 4 Directors


Stacey Smith
Chase Woolley
Jen Garrison
Rachel Durham
Tyler Schneider
Sebina Pettengill
Emma Kaapana
Lindsay Waterman
Brent Wilson & Kat Pettengill
Cheryl Peterson
Kat Pettengill, Chase Woolley & Tyler Schneider

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