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Please see below for training documents, how to stay safe, and more!


Gear List

Stay up to date with the gear required to be in your 48 hour pack for PCESAR!

Staying Found!

  • Stop!, Stay put.  Help is on the way, and your chances of being found are much better if you stay in one place.

  • Think! Gather your thoughts and evaluate the situation.  You won’t get into trouble for being lost, and you must not hide from searchers.  

  • Stay Calm. Observe your surroundings.  Make yourself visible.  Use bright clothing or lay out a rock SOS.  

  • Listen for searchers; periodically use your whistle.  

  • Build a small fire and vegetation to make smoke.  

  • Reflect light with a mirror.  

  • Look for nearby food and water (Don’t eat anything unfamiliar to you).

  • Plan for your safety.  

  • Inventory what you have and how you can use it.  Plan how to stay out of the wind, keep dry, and insulate yourself from the ground.  

  • Build a small shelter.  

  • Purify and drink lots of water.  

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